$6.  6 minutes.  100% Eco.

Welcome to Southern California’s most cutting-edge express car wash.

Do you ever get tired of going to the car wash and being hassled by a salesman, then over-charged, and eventually waiting an hour, all for your car to come out at eye level with subpar? At Go Eco Express Wash, we strive to do customer service the old fashioned way.

We don’t water down the kool-aid or overly complicate
what should otherwise be simple. We’re not selling anything
you don’t want or need- $6. 6 minutes. FREE Self Vacuum, maybe
some armor-all or polishing rainbow wax.  Detail services are
available only at your request. That’s it, your choice-not ours.
Simple.  The way car washing should be…


At Go Eco Express Wash we are environmentally proactive! We recycle 90% of our wash water and use only low horsepower motors to power our equipment. All of our lighting throughout the facility is low power LED. Only 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergents and waxes are used to wash your vehicle. Even our parking curbs are recycled rubber!

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    Monthly Unlimited Clean Car Club

    We offer our customers Monthly Unlimited Clean Car Club memberships that are programmed to your specific vehicle “Speed-Pass” style so you never...
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    Wash Packages

    We keep our wash packages clear, complete, and concise- Right to the point for your convenience. Simply choose from one our four “no-fluff”...
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    Pre-Paid Gift Cards

    Give the perfect gift- to yourself or someone else! Go Eco Express Wash gift cards are available to help keep your car wash spending on track! Check...

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