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Lightning Express Car Wash Wash helps you paint the town red—or any other color that matches your car. We’re confident you’ll take a “shine” to us after seeing our workmanship.

Paint sealants and waxes (which we also offer) are protective coatings applied to the paint on your car. Lightning Express Car Wash Wash only uses the highest quality surfactants, paint sealants, and waxes to detail your vehicle. The composition and quality of these products make the surface of your car reflect more light and as a result, make your car look more vibrant. They are also designed to protect your car’s paint from oxidation and harmful elements that land on your car. Lightning Express Car Wash Wash’s specially formulated acrylic paint sealant adds an element of depth and warmth to your car, offering more brilliance, sparkle and a longer lasting protection than conventional paint sealants.

Making it an even better deal, the experts at Lightning Express Car Wash Wash not only protect your car’s paint, they do so while simultaneously protecting the environment. Our employees have the right eco-friendly equipment as well as the professional and eco-friendly “polish” your car’s paint deserves—in all types of humidity, temperature and climate conditions. In addition, at Lightning Express Car Wash Wash, you never have to worry about long waiting too long or over paying for services. No pressure. No hassle.

We only use an acrylic paint sealant made from acrylic paint resins that are 100% eco-friendly that offer excellent durability as well as both ease and speed of application. When sealing your paint the acrylic high tech way, Lightning Express Car Wash Wash thoroughly clay bars, compounds and polish buffs your shiny new whip before applying 2 heaping coats of acrylic paint sealant wax by hand so the protection of your car is not only functional, but makes you as slick as a whistle and double bagged! —So you can quickly be on your way, sliding in and out of traffic effortlessly — with the peace of mind only proper protection provides.

So, if your car needs both paint protection and a shine using the best and most eco-friendly paint sealants available on today’s market, try out Lightning Express Car Wash before your “Paint the Town party” even begins!

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