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At Go Eco Express Wash, you can feel confident leaving every auto detail to us. Detail services are only done at your request. No pressure. No hassle. Our complete Detail Center provides complete car shampoos; buffing, waxing and polishing; headlight restoration; and rim detailing—the whole kit-and-kaboodle—with the sole exception of engine details, according to Go Eco Express Wash Manager Bryan Swindle.

“You can confidently leave every ‘detail’ to us,” Swindle says.

You’re never hassled by a salesman, overcharged or forced into long waits. $6. 6 minutes. Go Eco Express Wash epitomizes the way every facet of 100% eco friendly auto detailing should be—shampooing; buffing, waxing and polishing; headlight restoration; and rim detailing—without hosing our customers.

Go Eco Express Wash doesn’t overlook any auto detail. With our Feather Touch AutoWash, you stay in your car, ride through the 120-foot conveyor belt with 190-mile-per-hour wind tunnel, and pay at the interactive automated pay station (which walks you through each step with verbal instructions) via cash, debit/credit card or a discount coupon code. You also have the choice of what scent you’d like including unique ones like apple. Go Eco Express Wash also offers free self-vacuum which lets your kids get involved, work with their parents, and have fun doing it and offers you the choice of some armor-all or polishing rainbow wax, among many others.

We don’t leave any auto detail to chance—and neither should you. Drive through and check us out at 17111 Hawthorne Blvd. in Lawndale, CA.