At Lightning Express Car Wash Wash we are environmentally proactive! We recycle 90% of our wash water and use only low horsepower motors to power our equipment. All of our lighting throughout the facility is low power LED. Only 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergents and waxes are used to wash your vehicle. Even our parking curbs are recycled rubber!

  • Monthly Unlimited Clean Car Club

    We offer our customers Monthly Unlimited Clean Car Club memberships that are programmed to your specific vehicle “Speed-Pass” style so you never...
  • Wash Packages

    We keep our wash packages clear, complete, and concise- Right to the point for your convenience. Simply choose from one our four “no-fluff”...
  • Pre-Paid Gift Cards

    Give the perfect gift- to yourself or someone else! Lightning Express Car Wash Wash gift cards are available to help keep your car wash spending on...

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