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Does your car have one or more dings that you’d like to scratch off your “How the on Earth did that happen and can anyone even fix this now??” to-do list? Would you like the scratch removal to be done in the most environmentally-friendly way available on today’s market??? Well, let’s start at the beginning. Not all scratches on your car are equal. In actuality, many of them may have simply “scratched the surface.” Often times, the offending object— whether it be a grocers cart or a door from an adjacent car— only gouges the clear coat and maybe even some of the base color, but leaves the primer and metal underneath unscathed. Scratch removal is possible when there’s still color at the bottom of a car scratch and when using high quality materials coupled with careful sanding, precision buffing, and properly formulated wax product.

At Lightning Express Car Wash Detail Center scratch removal begins by thoroughly cleaning the affected panels with 100% biodegradable detergents and recycled water that has been cleaned and treated to be safe for your vehicle as well as the environment. We then dry your vehicle meticulously to begin preparing an optimal surface to work with, ensuring the best possible results during the scratch removal process. We do not cut corners when it comes to our customer’s most prized possession. We’ve discovered that attention to the finest details makes Lightning Express Car Wash Wash stand out from the competition and for our customers that makes all the difference.

When performing scratch removal, we don’t actually remove the scratch, but rather, we sand down the paint surrounding the damaged area until they are both at the same level. Our goal is to sand down to the micro-elevation of the scratch without sanding into the next layer. In terms of our sanding work, Lightning Express Car Wash is painstakingly cautious during this stage in the process to make sure that the surface of the area is as ideal as possible for the later stages during the process.

Once the scratch removal is complete—and we haven’t sanded down to the next level—we compound-buff the area we have been working on with a special high-speed buffer, smoothing out all of the residual microscopic ridges, valleys, and swirl marks left behind by the sanding we’ve just performed. This produces an ideal surface for the final (and most customers favorite) stages of your scratch removal: polishing, and waxing— but before we can begin there, we must thoroughly wash the entire car once more.

We’ll also need to treat the rest of the painted surfaces of your vehicle to a clay-bar wax treatment to eliminate all of the contaminants in the clear coat and to help safeguard overall surface uniformity. By doing this we’re getting the entire car ready for polishing and waxing so that the area where the scratch removal work that was performed doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on a hot desert road. After the clay bar, we quickly compound buff the rest of the car, smoothing down every day, run of the mill swirl marks and light scratches until all contrasting marks disappear. Then we’re off to the final 2 phases.

To polish, we again use a high-speed buffing process on the entire vehicle, this time with a different technique than the compound buff and using non-toxic and biodegradable polishing and conditioning waxes. This yields a highly-mirrored shine and adds depth and warmth to the finish of your paint.

Finally, to “finish” touch that makes our work complete, we hand-apply two layers of wax to enhance the shine and add a layer of protection against the elements, contaminants such as acid rain and oxidation, and also add a layer of defense against ultraviolet A, B, and C rays.

The particular wax used is customer’s choice. You have the option of several to choose from; whatever best suits your needs and/or typical washing & waxing regimen. For instance, our classic high quality carnauba wax provides protection for 2-3 months. Our specially formulated acrylic wax (similar to what is offered at the dealership when you first purchased your car) provides protection for 6-12 months.

All in all, the scratch removal process can be arduous and time consuming, but at Lightning Express Car Wash Wash we work very diligently and do so at an increasingly steady pace, achieving an unparalleled efficiency and speed that guarantees you workmanship of the highest quality with quick turn-around service so we fit your busy schedule, not ours.

Lightning Express Car Wash Wash guarantees that we will always strive to exceed your scratch removal expectations and share your “good for the bottle, good for the can” sensibility. Every detergent, surfactant, solution and wax used to wash and detail your vehicle is 100% non-toxic & biodegradable. We also recycle 90% of our wash water by cleaning and re-treating it before sending it back through our wash process to make sure that we’re 100% Clean & 100% Green! Let’s do our part and Go Eco!